Aaker Salant

Software Developer
San Francisco

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I am a San Francisco based full-stack web developer.

I currently love working in JavaScript, building functional and expressive applications serving real-world user needs, using modern tooling and agile processes.

I can bring value to a team by offering a wealth of experience and passion for creative ideas, communication, problem solving, and pushing the limits of technology while still developing for a positive user experience.

I'm currently into JavaScript/CoffeeScript, Node.js/Express, AngularJS, and equally happy in the front or back ends.


My most recent project is Newsbound's Stacker - a tool and platform for visual storytelling. It is comprised of a content-creation tool for developing and publishing pieces, and a framework for the self-contained, CDN-backed pieces themselves.

I led development on the early prototypes and later the full implementation, which culminated in a rich single-page app featuring a real-time collaborative visual editor with both a WYSIWYG canvas and timeline interface. It includes integration with Dropbox to enable designers to rapidly iterate, a clear but innovative animation system, and a CDN-backed publishing strategy to scale high traffic loads.

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San Francisco, California | 2012 - present


Eggs (EggBasket)

Ruby Programmer
Eggs (open source application for small meat farms)
I was inspired by leaders of the Slow Food movement to use Ruby on Rails to design and build a system for small meat farms to manage their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs. It is being used by a farm in the Bay Area, and helping to solve many of the unique issues that a non-vegetable CSA program faces. See GitHub page for more details on features.

San Francisco, California | Spring, 2009 - present

Flash and OpenLaszlo programming

For over 10 years I worked for companies of all sizes to build rich internet applications in Flash and OpenLaszlo before such things were done in HTML. I developed an extensive understanding about not only implementation, but also the user experience considerations in these early "single page apps".

Clients included:

See an extended list if you so desire.


Bachelor of Music, Ferguson Scholar
University of Minnesota
Twin Cities
September 1998 - June 2000

Coursework in multimedia, ActionScript Instructor
Minneapolis Community
and Technical College
Spring 2000

Artist's Certificate
London College
of Music and Media
September 1997 - June 1998