Aaker Salant

Software Engineer
San Francisco
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Software Engineer - San Francisco kathryn@kathrynaaker.com / 415.948.5769

Me, elsewhere:

Some Current Relevant Skills:

  • Full-stack web development
  • JavaScript / CoffeeScript
  • Node / Express / Socket.io
  • Angular / HTML & CSS
  • Ruby / Rails
  • Agile, Lean & TDD processes

Also into:

  • Communication & conflict resolution
  • Biomechanics
  • Crossfit
  • Nourishing food
  • The ukulele
  • Urban cycling



I am a San Francisco-based full-stack web software engineer, currently loving working in JavaScript, building functional and expressive applications serving real-world user needs, using modern tooling and agile processes.

I have a wealth of experience in developing apps for the web and a passion for solving problems through collaboration. I have the skills to lead productive teams.

Lead Software Engineer, Newsbound : 2012-current

I am a Lead Software Engineer with Newsbound, a company with a mission to enable the telling of engaging stories in the tradition of long-form journalism. We're developing our flagship product, Stacker - a platform and authoring tool for visual storytelling, used by organizations such as the Gates Foundation, the ACLU, and the Harvard Business Review - to break down substantive topics into a captivating format.

I run an agile engineering process in support of our lean product team.

I write code, guide technical direction, recruit and hire engineers, and mentor through pair programming, reviews, and one-on-ones.

Technologies and practices:

Full-Stack Developer, Eggs : 2009-2012

I developed Eggs, an open-source e-commerce system in Ruby on Rails for poultry and cattle farms to manage their CSA programs. It was acquired by Good Eggs in 2012. More about the process of building Eggs here.

Software Developer, Flash and OpenLaszlo : 1999-2012

As a consultant, I honed the skills of both programming and product development, including sales, gathering requirements, client communication, project management, and delivery.

Through building dozens of rich internet apps before such a thing was possible in HTML, I developed an extensive understanding of not only implementation but also the UX considerations in these early "single page apps".

Clients include:

Extended project details list available here.


Bachelor of Music, Ferguson Scholar
University of Minnesota
Twin Cities
September 1998 - June 2000

Artist's Certificate
London College of Music and Media
September 1997 - June 1998