I am a San Francisco based Rich Internet Application (RIA) developer.

My focus has been Flash and OpenLaszlo programming, but I'm interested in bringing my experience to rich UI applications of any technology. I love being the bridge between Design and Engineering, working with detailed visual designs, sophisticated user interactions, and pragmatic implementations.

I have a passion for creative ideas, communication, problem solving, and pushing the limits of technology while still developing for a positive user experience.


OpenLaszlo Developer
CafePress Groups / CafePress Universal Designer
Initially envisioned as a port of a previous interactive t-shirt designer, we brainstormed, prototyped, and deployed a new venture within CafePress using OpenLaszlo and Ruby on Rails. I developed an application which allows users to design hundreds of different custom products online without the need for technical design application skills such as Photoshop, which has been deployed as CafePress's main Designer application.

San Francisco, California | Fall, 2008 - Fall, 2010

Ruby Programmer
Eggs (open source application for small meat farms)
I was inspired by members of the Slow Food movement to use Ruby on Rails to design and build a system for small meat farms to manage their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs. It is being used by at least two farms in the Bay Area, and helping solve many of the unique issues that a non-vegetable CSA program faces. See GitHub page for more details on features.

San Francisco, California | Spring, 2009 - present

Noggin Labs
Open Laszlo Developer
Genome - Custom E-Learning Template System
I wrote an implementation in OpenLaszlo of Noggin's template system used for rapid development of their award-winning E-Learning applications. It was deployed for multiple clients including McDonalds, and supported multiple languages and countless training modules.

Chicago, IL / San Francisco, CA | Spring, 2007 - Spring, 2008

Laszlo Studios / Renaissance Learning
Lead Laszlo Programmer
Read Now Power Up Portal
Using the OpenLaszlo platform and the LZX language, I helped develop a fun Rich Internet Portal to tie together the many elements of a well-respected educational company's at-risk middle-school reader program. Students use the application to see their current program books, track their progress, launch digital books, choose and launch quizzes and tests, and customize their personal virtual space.

San Mateo, California | Summer 2005 - Winter 2005

Laszlo Studios / Renaissance Learning
Lead Laszlo Programmer
Summer Reading Program
Working with Laszlo's Studios division, I developed a child-oriented application for kids enrolled in Renaissance Learning's Summer Reading program to find new books, maintain a reading list, and track their progress. Many elements were able to transfer to their subsequent projects, saving significant time and cost.
San Mateo, California | Spring 2005 - Summer 2005

Laszlo Systems
Laszlo Programmer
Laszlo Mail
I joined the Laszlo team to work on the client side of Laszlo Mail, a Rich Web Mail application, developed in LZX and the OpenLaszlo platform. I worked on the "Contact List" and other components.
San Mateo, California | Fall 2004 - Spring 2005

Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment / Screenblast
Lead Flash Engineer
Using Flash MX and Flash Remoting for Java, I designed and implemented the architecture for a flexible and robust media-sharing application for use in Sony Screenblast (2.0) and throughout Sony as a media publishing platform.

Los Angeles, California | Fall 2002 - Summer 2003

Flash Programmer
Imaging Framework and Application
FunStamps.com / Moviso Mobile Image Composer
With ActionScript 2.0, I created a flexible Imaging Framework for use in an application to allow users to send custom images to mobile phones. The end result was an easy to use, PaintShop-like tool that output true SVG for transformation on the server to any desired format. Used design patterns to simplify architecture of SVG output generation and undo/redo functionality.
San Francisco, California | Fall/Winter 2003

Rolling Orange / Jim Erickson
PHP Programmer
Using PHP, MYSQL, and AMFPHP (an open-source Flash Remoting alternative) I built the server-side to a high-profile stock photography site, including an advanced custom search tool.
San Francisco, California | Fall 2003

Carbon Five / Charles Schwab
Flash Programmer
Marketing Calendar
Worked with enterprise-solution company Carbon Five to develop an XML-based Marketing Calendar application for Charles Schwab's marketing groups.  Created Flash MX-style UI components in Flash 5, and later updated for Flash MX.
Contact for demo login information.
San Francisco, California | Spring 2002

Flash Programmer
Dynamic navigation
I helped Surfline streamline their out-of-control DHTML navigation by moving it to an XML-based Flash system that was easy to update, saved on bandwidth costs, and exceeded usability requirements.
San Francisco, California | Summer, 2003

Digeo (MOXI)
Flash Programmer
MOXI Media Center
Developed Flash interface for MOXI's interactive TV system.
Programmed MP3 player/jukebox, DVD menus, and designed a flexible, reusable architecture for management of interface elements.
Palo Alto, California | Winter 2000

Sawyer Media / Cisco
Flash Programmer
Programmed data-driven internal broadband portal with Flash 5 and XML, using custom UI components. Built a lightweight PHP/XML content management tool for the portal's backend system.
San Francisco, California | Winter 2001 - Spring 2002

Idea Integration / SFMOMA
Flash Programmer
Making Sense of Modern Art
The Anderson Collection
Provided Flash programming and consulting for Idea and the SFMOMA on innovative project which allows the museum to publish new web or offline exhibition presentations with external media and configuration.  Developed flexible interactive templates.  Also conducted hands-on training sessions on ActionScript programming.
San Francisco, California | Fall 2000

Allen Interactions
Flash Programmer
Built interactive and multi-use training application for cutting-edge computer based training company and the State of California.
San Francisco, California | Summer / Fall 2001

Spark Learning
Flash Programmer
Developed educational games in Flash for this London-based e-learning company. Also programmed a points/money system for the game's virtual world.
London, UK | Spring 2001

Perimetre-Flux / SFMOMA
Flash Programmer
010101: Art in Technological Times
Consulted on ASP/XML driven visually-threaded message board for this multi award-winning website, which was part of the museum's revolutionary Art in Technological Times exhibition.  Also conducted hands-on training sessions on Flash development and workflow.
San Francisco, California | Winter 2000

Orange Design
Flash Programmer
Programmed Orange Design website. Presented with Fred Sharples, president, at Flash Forward conference, showcasing the company's site and speaking about modular object-oriented programming principles in flash 4.
San Francisco, California | Summer / Fall 2000

Academy of Art College
Flash Instructor
Taught Flash Actionscript classes for masters degree students. Developed curriculum and assignments. Worked with individual students through the Directed Study program.
San Francisco, California< | Spring 2002 - Spring 2004

Other clients include: Macromedia, em:seven (UK), Qaswa Communications, Io Research, Metaliq, Sisu Media

Kathryn Aaker



* Flash ActionScript
* OpenLaszlo (LZX)
* Ruby (&Rails)
* JavaScript

SVN, Git,
TextMate, RubyMine

Mind Mapping,
Agile Process, testing,
and project tracking

Familiarity with:
Photoshop, Fireworks


Bachelor of Music,
Ferguson Scholar
University of Minnesota
Twin Cities

September 1998 - June 2000

Coursework in multimedia,
ActionScript Instructor

Minneapolis Community
and Technical College

Spring 2000

Artist's Certificate
London College
of Music and Media

September 1997 - June 1998


[References Available
Upon Request]